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Age difference calculator

Do you need help working our what your real age gap actually is? You can subtract your ages for a simple estimate, but the actual age gap is much more complex. At 20 dating we have made it simple, enter the date of birth of the two people, hit the button and get the exact age difference, even down to the day!

Married? In a relationship? Just checking? Check your gap

Enter your date of birth and your partners to get an accurate and precise age difference.

Embed this calculator on your own site

Copy & paste the code below to add this age difference calculator to your own website or blog. If you have an article about gap differences / age gap dating your visitors will fill in their own partner's details out of curiosity, increasing the time they spend on your site, which is always a good thing.

How the age difference calculator works

Hang on, here comes the technical bit. We find the oldest person and workout the difference in years. We then take the difference in months and adjust the year if required, we then take a similar process to work out the months and adjust based on the days, if required. Finally, we work out the days based on the number of days in the month(s) and factor in a leap years (if required).

There are some limits to the allowable date of births if you wanted to compare historical figures or futuristic super heroes! The minimum year (oldest) you can set is 100, the maximum (future) is 5000. But if you want to work out if a potential partner is too old for you then you will not be overly concerned with these limitations. This calculator correctly handles leap years.

A worked age gap example

In the interests of maths let's look at James and Helen. James was born 23rd July 1989, Helen 7th August 1975. Their age gap is 13 years, 11 months and 16 days.

Relationships: Men older VS Women older

We analysed census data from the United States and combined married and unmarried different sex couples to see how age difference varied with gender.

You can see from this data that over all age differences there are considerably more older men than there are older women. There seems to be a social stigma when it comes to a mature woman and a younger guy, whereas a man is often held in high regard when he dates a much younger woman.

Age gap on the x-axis define in years, percentage of US population on the y-axis. Data from the US census Characteristics of Male-Female Unmarried and Married Couples: CPS 2012.

Table of age differences and gender

Age gapMan olderWoman olderMan older %Woman older %
0 to 1 22,578 22,578 37% 37%
2 to 5 22,753 6,811 37% 11%
6 to 9 7,945 2,046 13% 3%
10 plus5,428 1,331 9% 2%

Age gap defined in years, all numbers is 1000s. For example, 22,578 is 22,578,000.

What is an acceptable age gap?

There is a general rule of acceptance which is defined as half your own age + 7 years, this will give you the minimum acceptable age, to work out the maximum, your age - 7 years, times 2.

A worked example
A person is aged 40. Minimum age is 40 divided by 2 which equals 20, plus 7 is 27. Maximum age is 40 subtract 7, which is 33 times 2 is 66. The table below has some more results, already worked out for you.

Table of acceptable age gaps

Your ageMinium ageMaximum age

We have rounded down any half numbers (0.5) in the interest of clarity.

This basic rule of acceptable age difference seems fair for people aged 25 to 35. The minimum age also seems sensible as age increases. The issue is maximum age. It doesn't take long before it reaches an age gap that even 20 dating would consider extreme.

More than 20 years age gap?

If you entered a potential partner in our calculator and ended up with a result of 20 years or more and then you should consider joining us a 20 dating. All our members are interested in dating someone with a minimum gap of 20 years!

In conclusion

Age gap calculations are fun to perform and discuss but don't let them constrain a potential partner. If you have a good and happy relationship it really doesn't matter what your age difference is and more importantly, don't worry about what other people think. It's your life, your partner and your relationship.

Any data you enter in our age difference calculator is not saved or stored. It is an anonymous and free service.

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